Corporate Tax

Our services :

  • Tax advice and optimization: tax consolidation, deduction of financial expenses, corporate income tax, VAT
  • Structuring intra-group flows: dividends, interest, provision of services, intra-group receivables, royalties, rents
  • Application of preferential tax regimes: parent company/ subsidiary regime, equity holdings
  • Identifying opportunities for tax savings: tax reductions, tax credits, etc.
  • Setting up management packages and tools to build loyalty among managers: bonus share plans, stock options, BSPCEs, etc.
  • Support and optimization of internal restructuring operations: mergers, spin-offs, partial contributions of assets, capital reductions
  • Securing transactions and obtaining tax approvals and tax rulings
  • Follow-up of tax reporting obligations

Unlock your company’s full potential with a trusted tax partner.

The firm takes the place of a highly technical tax department, available on demand according to the company’s needs. By offering you tailor-made solutions, adapted to your objectives and business context, we create a tax environment conducive to your growth and success.

We advise, anticipate and help you optimize the tax consequences of your business operations and transactions.

Sectors in which the firm is regularly involved:

  • Distribution
  • Digital
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Real estate
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Luxury
  • Construction

Examples of cases handled

Opt for a reliable tax partner

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