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Our expertise in tax law

Corporate taxation combined with personal taxation

Syntaxe handles the day-to-day tax affairs of companies of all sizes, as well as their internal reorganizations. The firm is also active in wealth taxation, advising senior executives and private clients with a strong international presence.

The firm is also developing a network of partners with whom it works on the tax aspects of high-stakes sales, acquisitions and LBO transactions. The firm is thus the preferred tax support for business law firms and other legal and financial professionals.

Our range of tax law skills:

Corporate Tax

We support SMEs, VSEs and ETIs in all their day-to-day tax issues. The firm provides day-to-day tax management support to internal and external bodies in charge of legal, accounting and financial aspects.
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Transactional Tax

We provide transactional tax services for complex sales, acquisitions, restructurings and LBOs. Our firm's tax expertise supports other professionals in these transactions.
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Entrepreneurs’ Personal Taxation

We assist executives in structuring and managing their personal and professional assets and income. Our firm works directly with executives as well as in support of their regular advisors.
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International Taxation of Private Clients

We assist inpatriates, expatriates, and individuals holding assets or income in multiple jurisdictions with their French and international tax issues. Our firm specializes particularly in serving an English-speaking clientele and their usual advisors.
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In the event of a tax audit or tax dispute, we are your first port of call:

Tax Audits and Tax Litigations

We provide advice, representation, and defense when you are facing a tax audit. We also appear before various authorities and courts in tax disputes.
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Tax expertise cannot be improvised, but we are quick to adapt.

We are agile, and take part in complex missions that require precise know-how and expertise. Our experience, both in advisory services and in tax audits and litigation, sets us apart as a privileged partner for clients seeking premium analysis and solutions.

Opt for a reliable tax partner

At Syntaxe, we combine expertise, precision and a commitment to service to assist you in your projects. Contact us for a tailor-made service.