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Frequently asked questions about our practice

What are the firm's areas of expertise?

We are a law firm dedicated to wealth and business taxation.
The firm’s areas of expertise

Does the firm specialise in areas other than taxation?

We work exclusively in tax law. Our aim is to offer our clients cutting-edge expertise in a particularly complex and constantly evolving field. Our aim is to provide the best possible quality of service and exceptional added value, focused on the specific aspects of tax law.

The firm’s areas of expertise

What happens if a case has non-tax aspects?

When a case requires the involvement of several specialisms, we may suggest that the client work with one of our many partners who specialise in their own fields.

If the case does not fall within our remit at all, we redirect the client to another firm.

Does the firm work with other professionals?

We regularly work in cooperation with other law firms, particularly in transactional taxation, which draws on a whole range of business law specialisms other than tax (company law, contract law, property law, employment law, financing, etc.). Business law firms without tax expertise can call on us to handle the tax aspects of their cases.

For more information on transactional taxation, see the Taxation of exceptional transactions page.

How do I make an appointment?

From the contact page. Consultations can take place at our offices in the 8th arrondissement, or remotely by telephone or videoconference.

Does the firm work with clients outside France?

We can do business wherever you are in the world.

We serve customers not only in Paris, but also in France, Europe and the rest of the world.

How are the firm's fees set?

At Syntaxe, fees are set in advance and mutually agreed in a fee agreement, taking into account the complexity of the case and the financial stakes involved.

Is customer data protected?

Secrecy is at the heart of our business. We implement strict protocols to protect your data, whether on paper or digitally.

Any other questions?

We would be delighted to answer them in person.